Daphne Neville at Baker’s Mill with her tame otter Rudi

Daphne Neville at Baker’s Mill in the Cotswolds with her tame otter


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6 responses to “Daphne Neville at Baker’s Mill with her tame otter Rudi

  1. Michelle

    Daphne you are amazing, just watching you on Come Dine with Me UK and was so excited to see Rudy, congratulations on your work preserving these wonderful creatures. You are truly a wonder Daphne, you are gracious, gorgeous. Thankyou for going on that crazy show, such a pleasure to watch you.

  2. Michelle

    Watching Come Dine With Me before heading off to work today, and very happy to see Daphne’s episode! I absolutely needed to search the internets to see how Daphne is doing. So very happy to see she and Rudi are still as lovely as ever! Though very sad to realise I had missed them at 2019 Frampton Fair. Hopefully next year the outside world will be a safer place, we would absolutely love to see Daphne and Rudi at the Frampton Fair.

    Take care Daphne and Rudi, you are loved by the nation.

    • Michelle

      Very sorry I had forgotten to add,
      Daphne, thank you so much for your conservation work with these beautiful animals. The world needs more like you if it has any hope of survival. I certainly hope you are on David Attenborough’s Christmas card list!

      Thank you.

  3. David

    Good morning, is it possible to visit Otter Lake in these days?

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