Daphne Neville in January 2023 photo: Sophie Neville

Daphne Neville

Daphne Neville, February 2023


Daphne Neville – May 2023


Daphne Neville – May 2023


Daphne Neville and Rudi in 2022


Daphne Neville – April 2022

Recent Roles in Films and TV movies

Daphne in The Crown - Netflix

Daphne Neville playing a member of foreign royalty in ‘The Crown’ for Netflix

Daphne Neville in 'The Invisible Woman' 2013

Daphne Neville in ‘The Invisible Woman’

‘The Invisible Woman’, about the life of Charles Dickens, directed by Ralph Fiennes 2013.

please click here to see the film clip

Daphne Neville starring in 'Cold Caller'

Cold Caller directed by Philip Cook, 2015

Summer in February

Dan Stevens, Daphne Neville and Dominic Cooper

With Dan Stevens and Dominic Cooper, while filming on location in Cornwall for ‘Summer in February’ 2013

Playing Beatrix the Birdwatcher in 'Summer in February'

Daphne Neville in ‘Summer in February’

Playing Beatrix the Birdwatcher in ‘Summer in February’ directed by Chris Menaul, 2013.

Daphne Neville in 'Amazing Grace' 2006

‘Amazing Grace’

Crying in close-up: the MP’s wife in tears on the ship in ‘Amazing Grace’ directed by Micheal Apted in 2006

Mrs Mitchell in 'Feast of July' directed by Chris Menaul

Mrs Mitchell in ‘Feast of July’

Mrs Mitchell in ‘Feast of July’ directed by Chris Menaul for Merchant Ivory

Daphne Neville in Anne Bolyne

In Tudor costume on location at Berkeley Castle 2013.

Daphne Neville in 'The She-Wolf of London'

Mad Mary in ‘The She-Wolf of London’ directed by Brian Grant.

Daphne Neville in 'The Ghost of Greville Lodge'

‘The Ghost of Greville Lodge’

As Mrs Rolphe in ‘The Ghost of Greville Lodge’ directed by Niall Johnston 2000.

As Miriam in 'The Chase' directed by Sue Tully for BBC TV 2007

As Miriam in ‘The Chase’ directed by Sue Tully for BBC TV 2007.

Daphne Neville in 'Secret Smile' 2005

With David Tennant playing Laura’s Mum in ‘Secret Smile’ for Granada in 2005.

The client in 'Life Begins' directed by J.Webb

‘Life Begins’

The client in ‘Life Begins’ directed by J.Webb for Granada 2004.

Daphne Neville as the Cockle Woman

Shakespeare at Pembroke Castle

As a medieval peasant…

a mentally handicapped hospital patient

Daphne Neville in 'Casualty'

As Doreen Oaken in ‘Casualty’ for BBC in 2008

And in Georgian costume

Daphne Neville in Georgian costume

Early photographs:

Daphne Neville presenting 'Women Only'

Presenting ‘Women Only’

Presenting ‘Women Only’ for HTV in the early 1970’s

Daphne Neville with Sophie Neville

Filming ‘Swallows & Amazons’ in Cumbria in 1973

Daphne working behind-the-scenes on the EMI/theatre projects movie ‘Swallows and Amazons’

Sophie Neville in The 'Copter Kids

Playing Mother in ‘The Copter Kids’ 1976 for CFF

In the role of Mrs Peters in the adventure movie ‘The Copter Kids’ directed by Ronnie Spencer

Daphne Neville in 'The Pheonix and the Carpet'

‘The Phoenix and the Carpet’ BBC TV- 1976

Playing Mother in ‘The Phoenix and the Carpet’ for BBC in 1976

'Murder at the Wedding' for HTV in 1979

‘Murder at the Wedding’ for HTV in 1979

On location in Wiltshire with Christopher Biggins

Daphne Neville with Diana Dors in  the 'Two Ronnies'

‘Two Ronnies’ with Diana Dors in about 1980

Appearing in the ‘Charley Farely & Piggy Malone: The Worm That Turned‘ with Diana Dors for The Two Ronnies directed by Ronnie Barker in about 1980.

Lady Oxbridge in 'The Curse of King Tut'

‘The Curse of King Tut’ 1980

Lady Oxbridge in ‘The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb’ for HTV 1980.

Daphne Neville with Cheryl Campbell in 'Rain on the Roof'

On location for ‘Rain on the Roof’ by Dennis Potter 1980

Daphne with Cheryl Campbell in a play written by Dennis Potter

Daphne Neville in Tenko 1982

Filming ‘Tenko’ on location in Dorset in about 1981

Appearing in the long running WWII drama serial Tenko that had record audience figures of up to 16 million viewers. Please click here to read more

Daphne Neville with Roy Hud in 'The Puppet Man' 1984

With Roy Hudd in ‘The Puppet Man’ 1984

Daphne Neville in The Secret World of Polly Flint 1987

Playing Doris in The Secret World of Polly Flint narrated by Micheal Hordern

Appearing in 'Miss Marple' with Joan Hickson

As the autograph hunter in ‘Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple: At Bertram’s Hotel’ 1987

With Joan Hickson OBE playing Miss Marple for BBC TV.

Daphne Neville with Christopher Goodwin in 'Nice Work'

As Mrs Hilary Swallow in ‘Nice Work’ 1989

Appearing opposite Christopher Godwin in ‘Nice Work’ written by David Lodge.

As the Abbey Visitor in 'Rab C Nesbitt'

With Gregor Fisher in ‘Rab C Nesbitt’ BBC TV in about 1990

With Gregor Fisher in the comedy TV series Rab C Nesbitt

Daphne Neville with Tom Selleck

Playing Mrs Hugh Lutteridge

On location at Broughton Castle with Tom Selleck for the filming of ‘Three Men and a Little Lady’ in 1990

Daphne Neville in The She-Wolf of London' 1990

Appearing in ‘The She-Wolf of London’ in 1990

Daphne Neville as Mrs Howard in 'Prime Suspect' 1991

As the tearful Mrs Howard in ‘Prime Suspect’ 1991

Appearing with Helen Mirren in the Police series ‘Prime Suspect’

Playing the Headmistress in 'House of Elliot' for BBC TV in 1992

Playing the Headmistress in ‘House of Elliot’ for BBC TV in 1992

With Louise Lombard and Stella Gonet in the BBC costume drama The  House of Elliot

The Nanny in 'Diana: Her True Story' directed by Kevin Connor

The Nanny in ‘Diana: Her True Story’ directed by Kevin Connor 1993

In the first film about the life of Diana, Princess of Wales adapted from the book by Andrew Morton

Playing Joy in 'Minder' direced by Gordon Flemyng for Euston Films

Playing Joy in ‘Minder’ directed by Gordon Flemyng for Euston Films 1994

With George  Cole in his long running series ‘Minder’.

Mrs Simmons in 'The Old Curiosity Shop' directed by Kevin Connor for Disney

Mrs Simmons in ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ directed by Kevin Connor for Disney 1995

On location in Dublin for a the Disney film of Charles Dicken’s classic tale, ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ when Tom Courtney played Quilp and Alan Barry played Groves.

The Maid in 'Buffalo Girls'

With Angelica Huston in ‘Buffalo Girls’ 1995

Playing a housemaid in the CBS movie ‘Buffalo Girls’ 

Daphne Neville as Ruth Orchard n 'Dangerfield' 1997

With Roderick Smith in ‘Dangerfield’ 1997

Val Kilmer and Daphne Neville as Baboskas in 'The Saint' for Paramount Pictures, 1997

Val Kilmer and Daphne Neville as Babooskas in ‘The Saint’ for Paramount Pictures, 1997

Daphne Neville in Sir Gawain

Appearing in ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’

Playing Miss Bates in 'Doctors' with Pamela Cundell in 2001 for BBC 1

Playing Miss Bates in ‘Doctors’ in 2001 for BBC 1

With the wonderful actress Pamela Cundell

and later with Christopher Plummer.

Daphne Neville with Christopher Plummer 2001

The Governor’s Wife in ‘Lucky Break’ 2001

2 responses to “Photos

  1. Well done. Love all your photos. I remember us working on ‘Tenko’ and Bee your otter biting a hole in a plastic pool when we went to Holy Trinity Infants school to promote your book, dear Miss Gillingham the headmistress galantly stood bare footed on a large piece of blue tack to stop the water escaping, whilst Bee ate a dead fish which floated over her toes!

    • Good to hear from you. We still have a tame otter who will appear in the next series of ‘The Durrells’. We’ve put a number of stories about Bee the Otter in ‘Funnily Enough’ by Sophie Neville which is available from Amazon or can be ordered from the library. Quite fun!

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