Daphne Neville

mobile: 07772 642470

Baker’s Mill, Frampton Mansell, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL6 8JH


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  1. collecting stories about the wider area of Stroud. I am sure Ms Neville has an end less store of them, is Daphne interested in recording her memories of Chalford in the old days? Memories of George & Dorcas maybe. The website explains by example.
    If anyone is interested, especially Daphne, please get in touch. Have recorder, will travel.

    • Yes, Daphne would love to tell you about George and Dorcas et al. She has lived at Bakers Mill since 1965, so has a wealth of stories. She is incredibly busy right now but you could ring her after Monday 28th July and see what is a good day for her. Last minute is good if she is free.

    • If you’d still like to interview Daphne Neville for Stroud Voices, do ring her one morning this week: 01285 760 234

  2. wanglei

    Dear Sir
    Best wishes and warmest thoughts to you!May your everyday be filled with special moment, warmth, peace and happiness,everything goes better and better in the future!
    I am a chinese,and Daphne Neville’s loyal supporter,she was,she is and will always be the best!I believe in her and I will enjoy looking around and following she ups, downs, highs and lows!I want to get her signature, hope you can help me,thank you very much!
    She is the best in my heart forever!
    My Address:
    Baishi road 44-4#
    Zhifu district 264000 Yantai

  3. Gill Harris

    Daphne, I wonder if you remember me? I was known as Tilly and was a friend of Angus Ross. We both had flats at Arundel Gardens, Notting Hill in the late 60s. Angus brought me down to the Mill, what a lovely house! Have you still got the fire engine? I have seen you over the years, congratulations on your jam making triumphs! I am now a farmers wife in Suffolk, retired from a hectic London life and making jams and pickles too.

    Gill Harris (formerly Tilly Beresford Torry)

    • We still see Angus and Daphne still lives at Bakers Mill, still making jam. The fire engine when long ago but was replaced by other vintage cars and boats. Do give Daphne a ring. You’ll need to remind her of how you met but she’d love a chat: 01285 760 234

  4. I’ve just come across this wonderful website and tales of Daphne’s experiences. I wonder if Daphne would be happy to chat to me about her time working with The Two Ronnies on The Worm That Turned?

  5. Jill Tom

    Really enjoying watching you on Come Dine With Me. Lovely lady!

  6. Katherine

    Really enjoyed watching you on Come Dine With Me, what a fabulous lady you are and enjoyed reading about your life history and career on this website, what a life you’ve had! much love xx

  7. Cynthia Wootton

    Dear Ms Neville,
    I have heard that you have access to an alert system that warns animals not to cross the street in front of cars. Would you please tell me how I can find these? I would like to promote them because I it hurts my heart when see dead animals on the side of roads here in San Diego, California.
    Thank you so much for your work with otters and clean rivers! Otters are dear living beings!
    Thank you, cynthia wootton

  8. Hi.
    My son and I just looked you and Bee up on the internet. I was telling him how I came to see you and Bee in London one day. I was allowed into the area with Bee and yourself. I still remember Bee climbing all over me. Mum has many pictures of me with a big smile (and bad haircut).
    My son is 5 and I am just reading him “an otters story”, and he seems to be loving otters as much as I, still do.
    Lovely to see your website and that you still have an otter.

  9. Rachel Joyce

    I am a local writer, living in Brownshill. I am trying to find out more about the stone cottage in the field between Bakers Mill and Ashmeads, and also about George and Dorcas Juggins. Might you be able to talk to me about them? Best wishes, Rachel

    • Dear Rachel,
      Do give Daphne a ring. She’d love to chat about George and Dorcas, who she knew well, and ‘Silk Mill’, the stone cottage in her field. Mornings are best. If there is no answer, please leave a message on the answerphone and she’ll get back to you. She is rather deaf, but I’ll warn her you might ring. Her number is 01285 760 234.
      Daphne might not know that much about the history of the mill but I can fill you in. Please ring – tel: 01590 678 438
      Sophie Neville (Daphne’s daughter)

  10. Richard Field

    I do hope Daphne is well? I am a keen hobbyist photographer with a love for black and white portraiture and was wondering if I could possibly take a few portrait shots of Daphne and her otter when a degree of normality returns? Best wishes

  11. Alan spencer

    Hi there, I hope Daphne and Rudi are doing great its been a long time since I last saw her and Rudi at a event, we are normally opposite her at the royal county of berkshire show. With the ferrets of The Hants and Berks ferret club.

  12. Hello

    I am a plein air painter and I’m working on a series of paintings relating to the River Frome for and exhibition at Spring Cheltenham next Easter.

    I would love to be able to come and paint by the Mill pond this autumn and winter, and see your wildlife reserve – would that be a possibility ?

    All the best
    Angie Spencer

  13. Hi Daphne, its been a long time since we have seen you at a event. Was pre covid, You we,r allsways opposite us at newbury show. And other events we attend with the ferrets doing are ferret racing and promoting ferrets. I do hope your doing well and I bet your life must be very different now with out a otter in your life and it must have been a hard decision to let him go to the new forest wildlife park I was there today and we and try and get there 2 or 3 times a year. I myself having handled Bertie, Belinda and of course Rudi I still have mark on my let(he was learning) . Remember him as youngster getting into parts of the enclosure at newbury and you calling for help to get him back. And as he got older and more laid back.
    Alan( member of the Hants and Berks ferret club)

    • Thanks for writing Alan. Rudi isn’t on display at the New Forest Wildlife Park but he has a lovely big enclosure with a pond and heated nesting box. He showed us around with great pride.

      • Alan Spencer

        Hi sophie, Thanks for the reply. We did wonder where he might be. Im sure he is having a great time. They are great down there. Please pass my best wishes to Daphne.

  14. Will do! We love visiting the New Forest Wildlife Park. It’s excellent.

  15. Jason jones

    Hello, I’m not sure if this is your number still. I’m looking to message daphne neville.
    This is Jason Jones who you met today at carpet hotline.
    It was a pleasure and honour meeting you. I have been looking at your websites etc…. its an inspiration and life boost to meet such a lovely person.
    I will take you up on your offer of popping in for tea with my partner and son. He loves wildlife and I’m sure it will be a fabulous outing.
    Hope me messaging you is OK.
    Take care.
    Regards jason jones

    • We look forward to seeing you and you all soon!
      Do you need directions?

      • Jason jones

        Good morning. Thank you for your reply. I live locally so I’m fine for directions. I am going away tomorrow but will definitely arrange a visit when I’m back. My son and partner would love it. Daphne warmed my heart. A true lady. A rare bread these days.
        See you soon.
        Regards jason jones

  16. Daphne is looking forward to your next visit. Take care! You enter at your own risk.

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