Rudi the Otter - photo Sue Reiki

Rudi the Otter is now living at the New Forest Wildlife Park where you can see him in his grassy enclosure.

Daphne Neville, now 85, has been looking back over the last forty years she has spent living with tame otters and campaigning for conservation


~Conservation in Action Award~

Daphne Neville with Daniel Allen, Dave Webb and Nick Wilcox-Brown at Conservation in Action Awards

Daniel Allen, Dave Webb, Daphne Neville and Nick-Wilcox Brown at the House of Lords 

Rudi the tame otter 2022

Rudi the Otter – photo David Butters, 2022

Daphne Neville with Rudi in Metro

Daphne Neville and Rudi the Otter in Metro, October 2019

Appearing on ‘Come Dine With Me‘ for Chanel 4 in 2018 and featured in the Daily Express:

Come Dine With Me in the Daily Express

Rudi the otter has appeared on British television in BBC TV’s Natural World. You can watch the episode: ‘Supercharged Otters’

Otter in Daily Mail

He also had a long-running role in the popular ITV drama series ‘The Durrells’.

You can see clips and read more about this here.

Daphne Neville with Rudi the Otter in The Durrells~ Milo Parker as Gerry Durrell with Rudi the Otter 2017 ~

For the TV billing in the Guardian – please click here

Animals from The Durrells

~Rudi the Otter – photo:Daily Mail, 2019~

Please click here for or a feature in the Telegraph about Daphne and her otter


If you would like to meet Rudi-the-Otter this summer – please visit the New Forest Wildlife Park

Beenie the Otter

~Beanie the Otter~

Other television programmes featuring the otters include:

‘Blue Peter’ – BBC


‘The Day in the Life of the Otter’ – BBC NHU

‘The Velvet Claw’ – BBC NHU

‘The Alan Titchmarsh Show’ – BBC TV

Bee - a very tame Asian short-clawed otter~ Bee – a tame Asian short-clawed otter ~


‘BBC News’

Bee the Otter with Angela Ripon in 1982~ Bee the Otter with Angela Ripon, 1982 ~

‘Nature Trail’ – Border TV

‘Brilliant Creatures’ – ITV

Dphne Neville's otter~Belinda the Otter who loved people~

‘Daily Brunch’ – Channel 4

Rudi the Otter swimming

‘ The Really Wild Show’ – CBBC TV

‘Owl TV’ – Thames

‘Art Attack’ –  CBBC TV

 ‘Animals at Work’

The tame otters promoting clean water

~Department of the Environment Ambassadors for pure water~

‘Animal Magic’ with Johnny Morris – BBC TV

‘That’s Life’ with Esther Rantzen – BBC TV

and TV commercials for Jordan’s Porridge Oats

The otters have appeared in a number of television dramas and on film including:

bee-the-otter-on-the-radio-times~On the cover of the Radio Times~

‘Badger’ the Police Drama with Jerome Flynn – BBC TV

The Durrells in Corfu  with Milo Parker – ITV 2016 & 2017

Scottish Mussel the movie with Martin Compston & Talulah Riley -2015

Ironclad the movie – 2011

‘All  Creatures Great and Small’ – BBC TV

‘Down to Earth’ with Pauline Quirke – BBC TV

‘The Secret of Eel Island’  – BBC TV

‘The Chase’ the vet drama series – BBC TV

‘Forever Green’ with Pauline Collins and John Alderton – LWT

pauline-collins-and-john-alderton-with-our-tame-otter-in-forever-greenTo read more about filming with the Otters please click here

Daphne Neville with her otter Rudi in 2013~Rudi as a young otter~

To read about Rudi the Otter please click here

For the UK Wild Otter Trust please click here

To buy a photograph please click here

Talking to Dr Daniel Allen

Rudi appearing in the BBC Natural World documentary ‘Supercharged Otters’:

The otters also starred in the amusing film ‘Scottish Mussel’ starring Talulah Riley, now on DVD

Rudi the Otter with Daphne Neville in 2022
~Actress Daphne Neville with her tame otter in Country Life~

53 responses to “Otters

  1. Irene Angel

    I have an excellent head shot of Bea taken years ago.. Expect you have lots but do let me know if you would like it.

  2. Sue and Si

    Where can we see Daphne and the beautiful otters this year (2015)? Ar you at the Royal Welsh show this year. We also have some beautiful photos of the otters and some of Daphne as well.

    • I’m sure she’d love to see the photos. Not sure about The Welsh Show this year but we hope so. Belinda is getting rather elderly but people are coming to visit the otters in the Cotswolds more and more. Where do you live?

      • When might you next be open to visitors? My boy aged 4 is mad about them. Every time we try and sit and wait and watch for some, the waiting just proves too much with his combination of excitement and fidgety genes.
        Many Thanks

      • Dear Clare – Thank you for your enquiry about coming to see the otters.
        Where do you live? If you are anywhere near the Cotswolds you could ring Daphne to make an appointment- tel:01285 760234 (About 10.00-11.00am is good)
        otherwise she will be at the Newbury Show with Rudi the otter this weekend.

  3. M.W. Hunt

    Hello, I took a photograph of a very nice lady with an Otter companion at Newbury Show. One of your friends?

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  5. Craig.

    When I was a little boy at primary school I appeared on our local news programme with Bee. I carried her into class on my shoulder and introduced her to all my classmates. We sat and played with her and broke eggs for her to eat. Some things just stick with you and I’ll always remember it and how much my school jumper smelled of fish after!!!!

    • Ah, you must write and tell my Mum. She is still doing the same thing. We have just been filming with Rudi the Otter for ‘The Durells’. Would you say that the talk on otters had an influence on your life?

  6. M Akehurst

    My son had the most memorable day of his life, aged 14, when he was allowed to join Daphne & Bee in an enclosure in a Store in London. (I forget for sure which one, but I think it was Harrods)
    He now has a young 3 year old son of his own, & has asked me to dig out the pictures, as he wishes his young one to love them as much as he always has.
    Sadly they now live abroad, but he does pop over here now and then. Any chance he could see you & your present otter somewhere one day? (Preferably next year,at the earliest, as hopefully his family will grow later this year) We live in Essex, but could travel a little way! We hoped to camp on your premises one day, many years ago now, but it never became possible, unfortunately.
    Please, if Daphne does not see this, could someone give her our love and gratitude for the highlight in a young lad’s life! (We have some lovely pictures of both Bee & Daphne, if she would like to see them, or have copies, but I am sure she has more than she knows what to do with!)

  7. I tried 3 times, Then my husband says she rang me in my absence! He had a brief chat I gather Will try again tomorrow.

  8. Success. Had a lovely chat to her, & hope to see her with my son & grandson one day. Are you on Facebook? Just watched a very pleasant You-Tube about Pip the Otter. rescued by Pia.
    Think Daphne would enjoy seeing it if you can find it. Pip is best friends with a Bengal cat, Sam. Lovely happy pictures of them playing together.

  9. Mairi Bauchop

    I have spent hours today trying to find a video clip of one of the otters (I think it was Bee) singing Happy Birthday….. I remember seeing it sometime in the 1990s, I think? I was so entranced by the otter and by the lovely lady! I did manage to find the clip online a few years ago, but try as I might, I can’t find it anywhere now and I wanted to show it to my son, who has recently developed a love of otters. too. Any help would be appreciated very much.

    Thank you!


    • Ooo I don’t think we have that clip. You could try looking on YouTube. Let us know if you find it. Rudi the otter appeared in ‘The Durrells’ on ITV and in BBC Two’s Natural World Series ‘Supercharged Otters’ recently. I’ll look for the links for you. They should be available!

      • Mairi Bauchop

        Thanks so much for your reply. I tried everywhere online, but I’m afraid that the clip must be lost now 😦 . Thank you for the link to Rudi, though!

      • Rudi is quite a character. He’ll be appearing a the Malplas Show in Devon later in the year and you can always pay him a visit in the Cotswolds.

      • Mairi Bauchop

        Thanks very much for your reply. We live in Scotland, but I hope to make it down to the Cotswolds at some point in the next year. It’s a beautiful part of the country!

    • This post should have links to the documentary that Rudi the Otter was in. It’s amazing.

  10. emilydrakeley

    Hi Daphne! It’s Anita Jordan’s granddaughter Emily. Hope you are well!!! Xxx

    • Good to hear from you Emily! You must come to visit Rudi soon. Did you see him in ‘The Durrells’, the ITV drama series?

      • emilydrakeley

        I’d love to!! No I didn’t, I will have to have a look! I have been telling my boyfriend all about my adventures with Daphne and the otters from when I was little. I remember them vividly x

  11. Antony hall


    I live I cashes green stroud and an otter has just wondered by the house we are around a mile from the river and it did not look that good. Very tired and worn out it stopped when we got close so it might be a captive animal.
    I thought you may know someone local to me that may have lost one. I don’t think it was a wild one as it walked only a few paces in front of me.and did not run.we have put a selection of foods out(not sure if that was correct but I still did so). I think it is still around.

    Friday 30/07
    Antony Hall
    GL5 4SW

    • Thank you so much for letting us know. Did it look like photos of Rudi – and the other short-clawed Asian otters on this website? Can you tell me how long it was toe to tip of tail? and whether it had claws and a long mussle? Native British otters are quite big, have long snots and claws. I don’t think you are wrong to feed it if it was looking poorly. They will take trout, raw minced beef, road-kill pheseant.

    • Hi Anthony – I’ve just spoken to Daphne who has her tame otter Rudi safely at home. She said that there have been reports of a wild otter at the Daneway Inn that had no fear of people. If it isn’t wounded it is best not to feed it – he’ll be looking for a territory away from his parents and needs to more on. If the otter is injured or in real distress, please phone the local wildlife resuce team at Oak and Furrow tel: 01793 751412

  12. Sarah smith

    My son loves otters, would it be possible to come and visit them in their natural environment?

    • Where do you live, Sarah? Why not give Daphne a ring (am) and see when you could visit. Short notice is good and she’s busy most weekends, but she accepts visitors at home in exchange for a donation to her wildlife rescue charity. It is slippy and you enter the property at your own risk! but it is very beautiful there at this time of year. Ring: 01285760234

      • Sarah smith

        Thank you so much for your reply. I phoned her this morning and went along this afternoon. Roodi is lovely and your mum very welcoming into her home. Oliver had a great visit and I’m sure it won’t be long before we go and visit again. Thank you again 😊

  13. Thank u for the lovely otter photos with your mother. Sophie and thank you for a lovely chat on the telephone to your mother. you and your mother are my special friends for life.

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  15. Lindsay

    My 10 year old daughter is presenting a talk about otters at Christ church primary school Chalford this coming Thursday. I appreciate that this is very late notice, but I wondered if she could pop down to meet you after school tomorrow?
    Many thanks,

  16. surrealise

    Hello there, we found a young otter today confused in the road on cainscross roundabout… We looked by the canal but its deep and gushy there.. We are going to check out yhe pond there tomorrow.
    But we took him to another part of the river frome by thrupp/brimscome..he imediately went and found a dead rat to chew on.. So we left him and went off for tea.. Then an hour later as we were leaving there waa a group of people ll over the road who then had himbin a shoe box..i asked if it was an otter..i said..he is mine. So now i uave him again in my care.
    Im just wondering if i can meet your nother Daphne or chat with her about going forward with this renarkable little character..we are a home educating family and would really like to know more about them. X many thanks Ellie.

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  18. karen bateman

    Hi I used to live in oakridge and used to go to school with tamzin I seen bee many years ago
    He was lovely I loved popping down to see him

  19. J Dunn

    Hello, I hope that you are keeping safe and well. I have been so enjoying your website and have loved reading about the wonderful conservation work you have done. I would really like to come and visit if that is possible, when the pandemic has passed.

  20. Eve finch

    Good morning 😁
    Me and a couple of friends would love to see your otters one Sunday! Do you have specific dates or time or numbers for visits?
    Eve 😁

    • Dear Eve,
      Thanks for writing in. Most Sunday afternoons are good. We just ask for a donation to the UK Wild Otter Trust, which can be made when you arrive, if that’s OK? We are raising funds for the rehabilitation of wild otters who are brought in injured or in distress.
      Please ring Mrs Neville to arrange your visit on tel: 07821 908 664

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